Name Change:  From “Funeral Home” to “Tribute Center.”  Recognizing consumer trends, we felt this better encompasses the variety of services and facilities we now offer.

Tribute Center:  Formerly referred to as “the chapel”, this area now has the adaptability and flexibility to allow families a more personalized environment to tribute their loved one.   We can arrange the room in a contemporary setting, traditional setting or the room can be used as the reception area.

Reception Room:  Our “Reception Room” is an adjacent room to the “Tribute Center” that can be used alone for a reception or in conjunction with the “Tribute Center”.  Over 80% of our clientele are following ceremonies with receptions. We’ve also added a kitchen and arrange catering“¦simple to elegant. 

Comfortable Chairs Replaced Pews:  This was done for “flexibility”. Also purchased were 12 round banquet tables for receptions.  Fewer chairs will be set up for smaller groups and can be arranged in various configurations.  With the use of our “Reception Room” closed circuit camera and in-wall monitors we can increase our seating from 180 to 300 guest. 

Private Family Room:  This room now doubles as an overflow area when the family chooses to join their friends in the main Tribute Center.  However, vertical blinds divide these two areas to maintain privacy for the family when requested.

Building Updates:  Three large skylights have been installed and some fresh painting to create an overall “lighter” atmosphere.  A fireplace is planned for the entry of the Tribute Center to add warmth.

Resource Center:  We are particularly proud of this addition, (just off our foyer) and would invite you to browse around.  See everything from our Lending Library, sympathy cards, and flowers to a wide selection of burial and cremation products.

Our Goals:  Through these changes, it is our goal to create a more comfortable environment for families and friends to pay tribute to their loved ones.  With these facility improvements, along with our added services, it is our desire to provide more personalized and meaningful events.


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