Anderson's Tribute Center offers a wide selection of Register Books.  We have a selection of several designs, for you to choose from.   Please take a look at some of the designs that we have available.



 On Freedom's Wing
An exclusive and one-of-a-kind memorial book that commemorates personal achievements and involvement of the deceased. This beautifully full colored, sculptured and gold foil stamped book features the original artwork of Nature Artist, Rick Kelley.  The artist applied the same insightful rendering of his nature and wildlife art to the subliminal message conveyed by two of America's most meaningful symbols, the Bald Eagle and the American Flag.

 The Garden of Promise
One of the exclusive Thomas Kinkade "Painter of Light" series. In the Garden of Promise series a garden with a rambling stone walk climbing up through flower hedges illustrate tribute to the better times that lie ahead.

 A Peaceful Retreat
Thomas Kinkade’s emotional rendition of a simpler place to be provides comfort that a loved one will forever enjoy the tranquil pleasures of nature and its surroundings. Heartfelt verse written by Sherrie Bradley Neal accompanies Kinkade’s imagery and expresses the emotion experienced from a loss while offering hope and solace.

 Mt. Hood
The mountain series offers majestic scenic mountain graphics. Translucent paper covers each colorfully vivid picture and enhances the breathtaking grandeur of the mountains. Our richly sculptured, gold foiled presentation box contains all the essential stationery items for a funeral.

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